Over the coming weeks, I will be posting articles of significance and importance to First Nations, Metis and Inuit education. I will attempt to keep the articles timely and important to learning and teaching.

If you see something you like, please comment in the space provided. If you would like to suggest an area that should be included in the material, please suggest that.

As I do photography on a regular basis, I will post photographs to the site that you can see and (download, I think).

I hope you enjoy the site.


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  1. Donna Cowan said,

    May 7, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Hi, My name is Donna Cowan and I work at the National Film Board.
    We are releasing a new film called “Crazywater” that I think would be of interest to you and your readers/followers. The film is directed by Dennis Allen and Produced by the NFB. Here’s a link to a short description and a clip of the film. https://www.nfb.ca/film/crazywater/clip/crazywater_clip. If you would like to preview the full film so you can write about it, feel free to email me and I can provide you with a link.

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